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How Dental Implants Stop Jaw Resorption

Posted on 1/15/2018 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Jaw Resorption Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery Center OR 97015Jaw resorption simply means that the jawbone has shrunk due to tooth loss. People who have been wearing dentures for long periods may notice that up to a certain point, the false teeth have become quite loose.

You might be surprised to know that reason why the dentures don't quite fit anymore compared to when you've had them fitted a few years ago was because your jawbone has shriveled. Dental implants to replace the missing tooth will usually address this problem.

Jaw Resorption Won't Stop Unless You Do Something

The problem is your jawbone will continue shrinking and you will continue to change dentures every now and then in order to match your new jaw.

When the tooth is missing, there's nothing for the jaw to hold on to. The bone in the missing tooth will collapse on in itself or resorb. This is the reason why sunken cheeks are the common feature of people whose teeth are missing.

When you have dental implants, however, you trick your body into producing more calcium and channeling it where the missing tooth would have been instead of realigning it somewhere in your body. Implants can make use of a fake bone.

Be sure to visit us if you are a candidate for dental implants. People with periodontal diseases may reject the implants, or those whose bones have been weakened after years of wearing dentures. Each individual will be assessed, and if implants are not possible there are many ways to regain back your beautiful smile.

One procedure that can be pursued as an alternative is called bone augmentation through bone graft. We take a bone from your jaw and graft it into the gap. This is by no means a simple procedure so make sure you go to licensed dentists with the necessary qualifications to perform the surgery.

Do you have any more questions? Call us or schedule a visit with our friendly staff so we can check if you are qualified for dental implants.

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