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Types of Facial Infections an Oral Surgeon Can Help With

Posted on 4/13/2018 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Facial Infections Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery Center OR 97015Every day, we constantly face the danger of bringing germs and bacteria into contact with our face and mouth, which makes us susceptible to oral, dental, and facial infections. For this reason, we urge people to always practice proper oral hygiene.

You should be aware that a standard and proper oral hygiene includes washing of the face, as well as the brushing and flossing of teeth. Observing these hygiene practices will help you in preventing certain types of infections.

Dental Infections

Dental infections normally happen and most people will suffer one in their lifetime. Dental infections are usually caused by bacteria that gather within the pulp of the tooth. The infection will often lead to the appearance of a sack of discharge around the infected tooth called a dental abscess.

The infected tooth is treated by either an extraction or a root canal. Root canals are the choice if you want to keep your infected tooth. However, in cases where extraction is needed, it is vital to make sure that the area of infection has been cleaned and cleared.

Different Types of Dental Infections

There are different types of dental infections and the first of which is a gingival infection. This type of infection involves the gum tissue.

Another type of dental infection is a periodontal infection, this time affecting the supporting bone tissue structures of a tooth. Lastly, periapical infections are abscesses that happen within the pulp of the tooth.

Symptoms you should watch out for include sensitivity of the tooth and gum to cold and hot temperatures, intense toothache, swelling of the cheek or face, and fever.

As oral surgeons, we perform extractions the safest way possible, eliminating the possibility of any infection to take place. In case you think you are currently suffering from any dental infections, we can provide you the treatment choices based on the level of infection you have.

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