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Today's Sedation Options Are Far Superior to Older Options

Posted on 3/10/2020 by Clackamas Oral Surgery Office
Today's Sedation Options Are Far Superior to Older OptionsSedation is a mainstay in dental surgery. As old as surgery itself, sedation has revolutionized medicine and allowed surgeons world over to do tremendous exploits.

In earlier times, however, before the invention of anesthesia, there was the challenge of patients waking up mid surgery or interrupting the process whilst drowning in and out of sleep. This is largely because back then brandy was the numbing agent of choice. Useful only while the patient was sober, because once that was no longer the case, the process had to be halted.

The Evolution of Sedation Over The Years

With the understanding of the germ theory of disease and the evolution in medicine, however, ether and nitrogen oxide became the anesthetic agents of choice with major success. There was the occasional delirium along with hallucinations, but all in all the advancement was in the right direction.

More recently, however, scientists have found that combinations of different drugs all formulated for different purposes works just as well as the traditional methods. With far less side effects and considerable success.

Are the Modern Options Superior?

Absolutely! The modern aesthetician works in tandem with our surgeon to tailor make a sedation plan that is suited to your needs. This includes measuring your weight, height, BMI, current medications, as well as tolerance to certain drugs. Features that were not taken into consideration with the older sedation methods.

Additionally, modern sedation methods have little too few known side effects that may be directly linked to the sedation. In the traditional methods, people would complain of hallucination and deliriums months after the sedation was administered.

Finally, the phenomenon of patients rousing from the sedation during surgery has been reduced considerably. The measurements and specifications that go into sedation ensure that the patient remains under for as long as the operation runs considerably reducing this phenomenon.

All in all, modern medicine has come a long way, especially in the field of sedation and we are all here for it. Call us for more information or to talk about your options today.
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