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Patient Testimonials

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Nicole K.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Sullivan and his staff. From the front office to the back and all of his surgical assistants—they were all wonderful and professional. I was extremely nervous going in for my procedure and it could not have gone better. I hope they all feel the sense of pride that should come from treating patients with such kindness and giving them a better quality of life by alleviating their painful tooth issues like mine. So grateful. Beyond five stars!
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Dr. Sullivan and his staff are amazing. Quick, efficient, kind, funny, knowledgeable, and professional! They exceeded all of my expectations from the moment I walked in the building.
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Kristin L.

Very pleasant experience despite the fact that I was nervous about my surgical procedure. Had all four wisdom teeth extracted. The team was very nice, accommodating, professional, competent, calming, and fun. I had a very positive experience and everything went very well. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for oral care.
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Emma P.

Wow, the new Clinic (Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery) located at SE Sunnyside Road, has the ambience of a 5-star look and quality, with new smiling faces. I love the new look and the peaceful location. So far my oral implant that was done before Covid is still intact and has improved my smile and self-confidence.
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Christian L.

Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery Center is a special place. I recommend Dr. Sullivan and the team 100% and without reservation. Dr. Sullivan practices at the top of his profession. Dr. Sullivan is a doctor of dentistry and a board certified oral surgeon, and also an M.D.! His qualifications, experience, and approach to consultation gave me a great deal of confidence that the procedure would be done successfully. The supporting medical team are also amazing, very skilled, and friendly. The office team know their business well and are professionals. Finally, the practice and the office are marked by a positive and energetic vibe. I love this place. They are doing everything right. I wish more medical practices approached their work as does the Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery Center.
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Katherine T.

I was in pain and needed a wisdom tooth extracted. Dr. Sullivan and his staff went out of their way to fit me in for an early morning appointment before the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though it was clearly a busy time for their office, they were pleasant, caring and professional throughout. I'm grateful for their flexibility, and am thus far pleased with the results of the surgery. Like many people, I've had my share of disheartening medical experiences, so I am always happy to recognize professionals like Dr. Sullivan and his staff who make an effort to be both effective and compassionate. Would definitely recommend
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Brittany T.

What an amazing office! I am writing this review from my personal account but I work for a local dental office and am a strong advocate for patient referrals to Clackamas Implant and Oral Surgery and here is why: Very shortly after being able to open our Office back up after Covid, we had a gentleman call with major tooth pain. The doctor I work for was unable to do the certain procedure needed, as he is a general dentist, so I was on a mission to get this patient to a specialist quickly due to his pain level. Upon calling around to the local Oral Surgery offices, it was apparent that no office was going to try to get this gentleman in early. I thought I was going to have to give up and then saw Clackamas Implant and Oral Surgery center online. I called their office and was greeted by Brandy (who was very nice). I explained the situation and the urgency of this patients needs and she had explained that she knew just the person to have me speak with to find a solution and this person was a Dental Assistant, Misty. I cannot even begin to express how truly amazing and kind Misty was. She took time out of what was probably a very busy day, to answer my call, she listened to the situation and said “I feel so bad that your patient is in a lot of pain and I want to find a way to make it work so we can see him today”. I was so taken back by her willingness to help me. After looking at the schedule she told me when they could see him (SAME DAY) and I was able to call our patient back and give him the good news. He was so incredibly thankful he wouldn't have to be in pain any longer than he already had been. I know that there are days that we feel like we are drowning and so busy with work and I know how hard Dental Assistants have to work on those busy days, but the fact that Misty took the time to help a patient in need is beyond words. I managed a Dental Office for 3 years prior to where I currently work and I can tell you first hand that I have never had a Dental Assistant who would take time out of their day to answer a call and if Misty had ever worked for me, I would have been so lucky. Beyond this wonderful experience with Misty, I also need to express that every patient we have referred to Clackamas Implant and Oral Surgery thus far has had nothing but great things to say about their entire Team and Dr. Sullivan. I will continue to refer patients to their office as experiences like this are hard to find. Thank you all!!
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Kathi O.

This place of business has the best of the best working in their clinic. From the receptionist to billers to assistants to the doctor. They treat you with such compassion and do everything to make you comfortable. I'm a hard patient and they never judge me or make me feel bad about my nerves and very high anxiety. They take their time and work with you so you end up feeling good about being able to do the procedure. Thank you so much for the excellent treatment and your encouraging words throughout the appointment. You are definitely the best team out there! I highly recommend Dr Sullivan and his team to anyone looking for an oral surgeon and implant clinic.
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Jessica D.

I've had plenty of my own surgeries over my lifetime, but this was a first for one of my children. My young son needed 3 extra teeth removed, and even though it's a simple procedure, I was a nervous wreck. The staff eased my nerves and made me feel comfortable. They were understanding and compassionate, and didn't once imply that my fears were unreasonable. Dr. Sullivan explained everything clearly and did a fast, efficient, and clean job. My son is 3 days out from his procedure, and the wound is healing wonderfully!
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Robert S.

Just had Dr Sullivan and team remove two molars and place immediate implants yesterday. High tech office with excellent customer service. No pain or swelling today. Highly recommend this team!
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Ashley F.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable and well taken care of! Especially during such a difficult time for everyone. Very happy with my experience here and with all the staff involved. Thank you so much!! I had surgery involving my wisdom teeth and was satisfied with the results.
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Carly A.

I am usually very anxiety ridden when it comes to surgery of any kind, however Dr. Sullivan and the staff were more than helpful in getting me at ease. I will definitely go back If I ever have any dental needs.
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Jay P.

I had a very good experience at my consultation appointment. The staff was very pleasant and explained everything I could expect to happen in my upcoming tooth extraction.
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Robert G.

Late afternoon Friday, I was welcomed into Clackamas Implant & Oral Surgery. A cracked tooth to root the night before, I was given very clear & Thorough options. I felt total confidence immediately with everyone involved. Thank You for everything Clackamas Implant You are Awesome.
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Eric D.

Had four maulers removed in one sitting. Sedation options and extraction procedure well explained beforehand. The extractions were quick and relatively painless. Dr. Sullivan was kind enough to call my number later that night to check on me.

All in all, a friendly and positive experience thanks to everyone there. I would recommend.
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